Bakewell Tree Trail

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Each trail includes a clear map and written guide, pointing out the trees, local history and interesting things to look out for in different areas of the town. These seasonal maps and guides are ready to print.

Spring Trail map


Bathed in the light and energy of Spring, Bakewell and the surrounding landscape come alive with blossom, bird song and new life. A powerful time of year, as days grow longer and the cycle of growth and renewal is positively tangible.

The Spring tree trail takes you to surprising parts of the town - look out for street names - they tell you much of the origins, history and spirit of Bakewell...

Spring Trail Map . Written Guide

Summer Trail map


As Bakewell evolves these leafy companions quietly continue to brighten our passageways, line our streets, sustain Bakewell's wildlife and enhance our landscape.

The map is a suggested route with a selection of summer characters but, you're bound to meet many more elsewhere in the town. Feel free to greet these long standing residents of Bakewell by joining the trail wherever you like, there is no start or finish point...

Summer Trail Map . Written Guide

Autumn Trail map


At this time of year Bakewell and the surrounding landscape come alive with vivid colour as the local trees change to Autumn livery. All the corners of the town are bathed in colour, as alleys, footpaths and roadways gather the rich crop of leaves.

The Autumn trail takes you round some of the tree characters in the town centre, then onto the edge of town so that you can look back and enjoy the colourful setting of Bakewell in the bright Autumn landscape...

Autumn Trail Map . Written Guide

Winter Trail map


At this time of year Bakewell and its landscape colour co-ordinates in soft sandy browns and greens as tree trunks and canopies and local building stone merge in the muted shades of Winter. The twining of tree roots, patterns of wet leaves, bark textures and the nooks and crannies of stone walls create interesting sculptural effects!

This season's tree trail takes you to some of the hidden corners of Bakewell, through the woodland that weaves into the fabric of the town returning to the sparkling runnings of the river.

Winter Trail Map . Written Guide

Easy Access Trail map

Easy Access:

A trail for all seasons, with easy access for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

Approximately two hours but could be done in 3 shorter sections:

[Bath Gardens & Milford Stream]
[Information Office & Riverside Gardens]
[River Wye, Recreation Ground & Matlock Street]

Easy-Access Trail Map . Written Guide

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