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5.3 : River Wye & Riverside Gardens

In Spring the hawthorn flowers hearten the fresh growth along the river. One has the company of a clinging elder. There are colourful dogwoods on the island, with an evergreen backcloth of lofty pines, spruce and yew trees in the gardens beyond. A weeping ash greets you upon entering Riverside Gardens, harking back to the Victorian designer White Watson. There are fine conifers, and tufa stone walls and arch, in this peaceful space in Bakewell.

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Area 1
Bath Gardens

Bagshaw Hill
Milford Stream
Castle St.

Area 2
River Wye Bridge

Scotts Garden
Monsail Trail
Coombs Road

Area 3
Recreation Ground 1

Recreation Ground 2
Matlock St. 1
Matlock St. 2

Area 4
North Church St.

Butts View
Dagnall Gardens

Area 5
Granby Road

Orme Court
River Wye
Information Office

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