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3.3 : Matlock Street 1

The striking line of limes in the park and along the A6 create a line of dense foliage in the summer, are just amazing in the autumn, and stand tall in winter. Lime wood has been used in the past to make household items such as bowls and cups. The underbark, known as bast, was used by prehistoric peoples for making robes, nets and sandals. Towards town, the buildings form an alcove for a lone birch tree.

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Area 1
Bath Gardens

Bagshaw Hill
Milford Stream
Castle St.

Area 2
River Wye Bridge

Scotts Garden
Monsail Trail
Coombs Road

Area 3
Recreation Ground 1

Recreation Ground 2
Matlock St. 1
Matlock St. 2

Area 4
North Church St.

Butts View
Dagnall Gardens

Area 5
Granby Road

Orme Court
River Wye
Information Office

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