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1.4 : Castle Street

This Georgian terrace is awakened in spring by budding climbing roses and flowering chaenomeles. The lofty horse chestnut at the end of Castle Street - 'guardian' of the eastern entrance to Bakewell, was once climbed by Sir Jack Longland, the famous mountaineer, in his slippers, to save it from felling - he lived opposite.

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Area 1
Bath Gardens

Bagshaw Hill
Milford Stream
Castle St.

Area 2
River Wye Bridge

Scotts Garden
Monsail Trail
Coombs Road

Area 3
Recreation Ground 1

Recreation Ground 2
Matlock St. 1
Matlock St. 2

Area 4
North Church St.

Butts View
Dagnall Gardens

Area 5
Granby Road

Orme Court
River Wye
Information Office

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