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1.1 : Bath Gardens

Bakewell Tree Trail developed during meetings held to experience the teachings of the world's earth-centred cultures. Our attention was drawn to the majestic hornbeam in Rutland Square. What is it like to be this central figure at the hub of the town's activities? We each knew of 'special characters', what other trees were there?

The fastigiate hornbeam is a native tree, so named for its ancient use for yokes - literally the beam between the horns. It is one of three trees planted to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Ducks roost in the branches in the winter. At all times of year these gardens are beautiful and inspiring - thanks to the dedication of the gardeners. A vigorous tree is the copper beech.

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Area 1
Bath Gardens
Bagshaw Hill
Milford Stream
Castle St.

Area 2
River Wye Bridge

Scotts Garden
Monsail Trail
Coombs Road

Area 3
Recreation Ground 1

Recreation Ground 2
Matlock St. 1
Matlock St. 2

Area 4
North Church St.

Butts View
Dagnall Gardens

Area 5
Granby Road

Orme Court
River Wye
Information Office

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